Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

2013 has indeed been a great year. I prayed in the beginning that I would spend time with my family and I did in all aspects of the word. I've learned so much about myself and I am indeed growing. Thank you 2013.

2014 I look forward to meeting you with love, cheer and lots of laughs. Taking life one day at a time.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Hoping your Christmas is a Blessed one. Merry Christmas to you All.
-xoxo Daphne

Monday, December 9, 2013

{Church Notes} Growth

In the spirit of the holidays Pastor Carl has been teaching/preaching a series of "'Tis the season". In continuation of this series, Robert Ferguson preached a sermon 'Tis the season To Grow. This message couldn't have come at a better time in my life. A time where my relationship with my boyfriend has ended. A time where my relationship with Christ is being mended. A time where I have to make decisions in my life concerning me. A time where I need to just grow up. Below are my church notes from yesterdays sermon. Hope this blesses you as much it has me.

Preacher: Robert Ferguson
Sermon Title: 'Tis the Season: To Grow

If you have to be persuaded to move, maybe you are not alive
Living things move; Living things reproduce, the bear fruit
If you have to be persuaded to tell your story maybe you have forgotten that you have been forgiven

All living things grow, we are called to grow
"Tis the season to grow: God has called you to grow"
Luke 7, Mark 4:8 Seeds in good soil grow
Psalm 92:19
What growth looks like
Ephesians 4:15-17
God is the grower
-Growth is Godly
-Growth is effortless

Connected with Christ you just naturally do things like Christ
-Growth is daily
Acts 6:5
-Growth is necessary
Luke 13

3 seeds that do not bear fruit:
1. Fall on the Path-has no understanding, 
2. fall on the rocks-has no roots,
3. falls on thorns - had no focus

1. Know what you have
2. Receive what we can - psalm 92
3. Do what we must

Do you have a real, personable, current relationship with Jesus?


Friday, December 6, 2013

A Celebration: Madiba

Not everyone can live a life such as his. 
Yet we can celebrate among each other
the life that he has lived for us
for equality
for justice
for our children
and children's children
To Madiba, we celebrate you.

***Pictures courtesy of Tumblr***

Saturday, November 16, 2013

27 Years of Hair {My Hair Journey}

My hair has been natural, relaxed, short, colored, shaved, braided and everything else imaginable. Check out the video below to see a snippet of what my hair has gone through for the past 27 years.


Divine Beauty

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Untitled Title

So, I've been meaning to write and not sure what has been stopping me.  I can't really say it was time, nor can I say lack of topics because I have so much that I want to share with you guys. Then what is it?

I am currently at work, on my lunch break writing this post. I wanted to do an October Recap post which I will eventually get into last night, but that just didn't happen. So because I simply want to write, that's why this post is titled as such.

When I look back over this year, so much has happened and I hope to post about it all in this year so that I can start fresh for the New Year. I want to enjoy where I am at right now and not delve too much in the future. There is so much on my mind right now it's not even funny. One would think that I am scatter brain. Since this is my blog which means my rules, I am totally okay with how this post turns out. So check out a couple of pics below of random moments in my life. Until next time.

Divine Beauty

These ladies are AMAZE-BALLS. When you have friends that stick closer than sisters/brothers keep them and cherish them and never ever ever let them go!

I LOVE taking selfies and using filters to enhance them. 

Many of us forget to live in the moment, thus we lose the gift of today. Enjoy where you are and be into what you are doing at that very moment. Lose yourself why dontcha!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Great Start Morning Smoothie

Today is day six of making these morning smoothies and I've gotten into a little routine where that is one of the first things I do in the morning to get me started. After drinking one of these, I honestly feel great! My energy is up, I stay full longer, and I am super productive. Plus it's really good for you. Let's dive into what's in it.

This is an Instagram video making the smoothie, that I created earlier this week.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Farewell Summer 2013

This summer was one of THE best summers EVER. Well at least in NY that is. See for yourself.

The HEAT WON!!! Again of course. 

Did Mommy and Me Yog

Went to Jamaica with my Best friend.

Had a picnic with some co-workers on the lawn listening to Classical Music.

Went Rock Climbing

Enjoyed Free Kayaking

Turned 27. 

Middle School Reunion in Jamaica

Went to B's concert

Enjoyed a free gospel concert in Central Park.

Oh....I cut my hair off...just the sides tho :-/

Went to the Beach, yes in NY with my awesome co-worker Christie.

Did a little golfing....kinda sorta

Rode a camel at the Bronx Zoo! So fracking awesome!

Did I tell you I was FIERCE on my 27th Birthday!

Did a cooking class.

Our Resort in Jamaica.

My beautiful friend and her husband in Jamaica.

Went to Haiti with the familia. 

Enjoying some coconut with one of my many cousins in Haiti. 

So yea, I had quite a summer and you know what? I wouldn't trade it for the world. 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Church Notes: It's All About the Give #noitsnotitsallaboutthetake

"Giving horrific to Jesus and taking everything good from Him" -Pastor Carl Lentz

God has been and is so good to me, that it would be selfish of me not to share His word. So for my benefit and hopefully yours, I will begin a new series on the blog called "Church Notes"; where I will share my church notes from any and all services that I attend during the week. Today's blog is from Tuesday's night EBS (Exchange Bible Study). There were two messages spoke that night and both were awesome. However, today's post will be about "It's all about the give #hashtag no it's not, it's all about the take". This message was randomly brought to us from our Pastor Carl Lentz who just finished co-officiating a wedding. I hope you receive a word from this message as I did.

First of all, I was on the fence about going, but of course we know that in this life nothing is a coincidence. So after picking up my batter from the 14th Street Sprint store, I headed up to 22nd St and 4 ave where Tuesday's night service was to be held. Honestly, my body was in service, but not my mind or my spirit. I sang the songs, I closed my eyes for prayer and I took notes from the first word. There were so many questions going on in my head: "Should I stay with my job?", "Is D the right one?", "Should I move back to Miami?". I mean my thoughts were shooting a mile a minute. Then Pastor Carl came up and was like, "we're going to take a 5 minute break, then I will preach and take some questions." Nothing in me wanted to leave, I just needed to be around God's presence and anything that would take me there I was going to stay. So 5 minutes later Pastor Carl begin the preach and God was clearly speaking through him to me. Every single question I had was answered, giving me hope and assurance that He has heard my prayers. See for yourself what Pastor meant about "it's really all about the take".

Saturday, September 7, 2013

When Fear Cripples your Faith

When Fear Cripples your Faith 

Choked up in your lungs
Trying to catch your next breath
Held tight in your heart unrelenting of blood
Gazing into space because
Your pupils blacked out
Decisions, choices, worry
Creeps into your space
Like a thief in the night
Stealing your sanity
That is being held by a piece of thread
Ripped from the shirt off your back
You’re held hostage
To the unknown of the next minute
Trying to exert a simple breath from
Your chest capacity
Yet held in the known
The comfortable
The contentment
When Fear cripples your Faith
It arrest your dreams, hopes, & possibilities
It attempts to fade away the Blessed, Redeemed, and Delivered
It shades and fogs and mystifies perception
It tackles the grace of God, the unmerited favor
That God has over your life
When Fear tries to cripple your Faith
Risk the known fear for the unknown of Faith….. 
-Divine Beauty 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ayiti Cheri

Hey Loves! So today I am heading to Miami, and then in the morning, my brothers, and I are headed to our beloved Haiti. My eldest brother has been at least twice, while me and my other brother has never been. I am totally psyched out about the trip and I can't wait to share the tons of pictures that I plan on taking with you guys. So while I'm away stuffing my face with goat, chicken, and the likes of original Haitian food, stand by for some updates that I have been working on.

A prochen foi (until next time)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Your Name is Higher, Your Name is Greater {Worship}

So yesterday at church, the worship team ushered us in the presence of the Lord with  this song. The title is "Anchor" by Hillsong and it is on the Glorious Ruins (Live) Album. The lyrics are:

I have this hope 
As an anchor for my soul 
Through every storm 
I will hold to You 

With endless love 
All my fear is swept away 
In everything 
I will trust in You 

There is hope in the promise of the cross 
You gave everything to save the world you love 
And this hope is an anchor to my soul 
Our God will stand 

Unchanging One 
You who was and is to come 
Your promise sure 
You will not let go 

Repeat Chorus 

Your Name is higher 
Your Name is greater 
All my hope is in you

Your word unfailing 
Your promise unshaken 
All my hope is in you 

As we go about our day remember that our hope is in Jesus Christ. Not a job, not a friend, not a guy, not our parents, but Jesus. I know sometimes we get caught up in life and we feel like we have to take on all the stress and worries on our own, but know that God is our Anchor. He alone holds us grounded. No amount of sin, no amount of stress, no amount of worry can shake God. And as Christ as our foundation we too stand unshakable. 

Happy Monday,

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Feast

1. Buttermilk fried Tilapia with Quinoa & Avocado
2. Buttermilk Fried Tilapia over a bed of Greens
3. Blueberry and Mint infused water
4. Chocolate Cake in a cup baked in a microwave
5. Soft braised Tilapia over Greens & Zucchini
6. Zucchini Fritters
7. Sunny Side up Egg over Tilapia with Broccoli
8. Spinach Omellete
9. Organic Edamame Beans

1. Baked Tilapia with couscous and brussel sprouts
2. Pre Fruits and Veggies for Juicing
3. Fried Tilapia over Spinach
4. Broiled Plantains with Italian sausage over spinach and carrots
5. Tilapia over spinach with polenta
6. Grapefruit, Kale, Carrots, Celery & Pineapple for Juicing
7. Eggplant Lasagna
8. Wheat Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs
9. Friday's Finest: Baked Mac & Cheese, broiled sweet plantains, and Fried Jerk Chicken Wings

As anyone can see, I love cooking Tilapia, but I am about to change things up on ya'll. I aim to link every recipe so that you guys can see the process and maybe make it yourself. Until then, lick your screens. :-)

Bon Apetit,

Please Hair Me Out

1. Quick Weave using left over hair ~ 1 week
2. Hair Wrapped ~ 2 Days
3. Kinky Twist ~ 2 weeks
4. Marley Twist ~ 1 week
5. Invisible Part/U-Part Wig ~ 1 week
6. Natural Hair
7. Senegalese Twist ~ 4 weeks
8. Mini Braids using kinky hair ~ 3 weeks (appx)
9. Natural Hair

I've been known to switch my hair up at the drop of a dime, literally. These are just a few hairstyles that I've had so far this year. Hair is hair, I've cut it, color it, weaved it , braided it, anything imaginable with it. Sometimes I feel like my hair is the only thing that I can control and plus I love the fact that I can change it. When you get a new hairstyle sometimes you feel like a new person. Like India Aire says "I am not my hair".

See you with the next style,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life's a Beach

What better way to spend your Sunday then at the beach!!! Rest & Relaxation were a definite must this weekend. My co-worker invited me to the beach and of course I couldn't say no. It's the BEACH! I know, I know, some of you are wondering where in the heck do you find a beach in NYC. The Jacob Riis Park is located in Rockaway, NY and is a beautiful getaway from the city. It took us about an hour with 2 buses and a train. Not bad right?! 

I am happy that she invited me out, even tho I was ill prepared, but she was totally on it and we made it work! I'm already contemplating when our next trip will be. And this time, I'll prepared for anything! Below are a couple of pictures that I was able to capture of our Beach Day. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spiritual Sanity {Fasting Day 20}


For the past 20 days I have embarked on a 40 day fast. This is my first time doing a 40 Day one on my own. I've done fast's before while I was in Texas collectively with my church, however this is my first one by myself. I am currently following the Agape Worship Center Prayer, Fasting and Devotion that I found online here. Wherever that they have specific pertaining to their church I just insert my church information along with theirs.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


So on Monday night a friend and I visited Buddakan for dinner. This was my first time going and definitely not my last. A coworker of mine which also is a good friend with impeccable taste for the finer things in life suggested this to me long ago, however this is the first time we tried it. Looking on the outside you would not be able to imagine what the inside looked like. The menu is set up so that you are able to share with the whole table. Thank God it was only us two, so we were able to enjoy it a lot. It was indeed an awesome experience. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Heights Cafe

So on Saturday, I decided to get my natural hair trimmed at SuperCuts.....grave mistake. But I digress. No pictures or anything else will be said about my experience except that last sentence. Anywho, I decided to peruse the area of Brooklyn Heights and as I was walked to get a view of the city from Brooklyn I saw gorgeous breakfast being consumed by beautiful people. So I decided to turn back and go inside. I will definitely be returning to Heights Cafe. It is nice a quaint and the food was plate licking good. I decided to get the poached egg which was what brought me in, in the first place. To be exacted, it was a poached egg with bbq pulled pork over a savory corn waffle. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free & Unfettered

Every morning I take about the same route to head to the train for work. And every morning as I turn the corner there is bread on the ground and flock of birds nipping away at pieces. I was able to capture this picture and it just made me think of how God takes care of his own. Many times we worry for no reason at all, only to be taken care of. In other versions of this verse it says "they do not sow or reap or store away in barns" -NIV. So here it is these birds that are not more valuable than us and the Father provides for them. My question to you is "As children of God, why are we worrying?"

Free and Unfettered,
Divine Beauty

Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome to my JULY


Welcome to my July
yes, simply because it's my birth month
smack dab in the middle of the year
re-evaluate your New Years resolutions
make mid year resolutions
and just rock on

Welcome to my July
where the grill's are steaming
and the waters are chilling
where one, two and uni pieces are a norm
Farm markets, picnics, and bike riding is a month

Yes, Welcome to my July
-Divine Beauty

Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Weekend....in Jamaica

Last weekend my best friend and I ventured out to Jamaica for one of my high school friends wedding. Here just a sneak peak of some shots at the beach, enjoying a coconut, pretending to ride a motor bike, and me and the bestie acting silly. I will do another post that is more focused on the wedding itself with pics of the bride and other things we did. 

Until then,

-Divine Beauty

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cropped, Rotated & Posted {Instagram}

Last week I had a blast with my girls posted in the middle. It started with me making monkey bread muffins for my co workers, then I purchases a crap load of ginger for only $2.10 (I LOVE Chinatown, NY), then me and my friend went to a DatenGame adult night where we played Old school games like Uno, Spades, Taboo etc. Oh and look at that view of the Brooklyn bridge, not sure if I will ever get over it, Especially when the sun is rising and stuff. The two screens on the top are of us watching the game at the 40/40 club, which we lost, but Game 7 is definitely going to be epic. Oh and while walking to meet my friend, a bird pooped on me. Folks say it's good luck, so I'll see. Also my roommate birthday was on June 15, and we celebrated by doing Karaoke, which was totally AWESOME!

Hope you enjoy your everyday!