Friday, August 16, 2013

Please Hair Me Out

1. Quick Weave using left over hair ~ 1 week
2. Hair Wrapped ~ 2 Days
3. Kinky Twist ~ 2 weeks
4. Marley Twist ~ 1 week
5. Invisible Part/U-Part Wig ~ 1 week
6. Natural Hair
7. Senegalese Twist ~ 4 weeks
8. Mini Braids using kinky hair ~ 3 weeks (appx)
9. Natural Hair

I've been known to switch my hair up at the drop of a dime, literally. These are just a few hairstyles that I've had so far this year. Hair is hair, I've cut it, color it, weaved it , braided it, anything imaginable with it. Sometimes I feel like my hair is the only thing that I can control and plus I love the fact that I can change it. When you get a new hairstyle sometimes you feel like a new person. Like India Aire says "I am not my hair".

See you with the next style,

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