Monday, October 22, 2012

Ready, Set, PLAN!


Happy Monday Loves, I was browsing through my Instagram feed and feel upon this verse that had more of a message and I just couldn't get away from it. I hope to plan and put things in place so that I am not stumped with the unexpected.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stepping Back

I'm an over-analyzer.

I think things over waaaayyy too much and sometimes I create scenario's in my head of other's responses.

I like things when I want them.

I am fast to respond to inquiries.

I give only what I have, promising you nothing.

I know my worth and value, yet sometimes settle for the right now in this life, just to get that temporary high. I settle for the now, when I know there is so much more out there. Yet, I think to myself, before better was better he had to be good first. Right? No one was ever born GREAT! Work was put in, either by the instructions of our parents or the influences of our environment, but not just straight out the placenta. And yes I understand that we are all on different area's on this path we call life. Some are further then other's while some are in a stand still. All in all, however it is a choice of where we are and how far along we are in this path.

Me personally, I'm just not okay with mediocrity (PERIOD).

So why do I take on incomplete man-boys? I'm trying to learn to stick to my guns and demand theses things such as God-fearing, ambitious, family-oriented, fun loving, etc etc etc, but......

I keep going back to the one that's showing me attention even though  some of the attention is not wanted or necessary. We're so stuck on the "I want's" of this life that we forget to seek and stay steadfast to the Father's Will for our lives. I know I know. It's not easy, but OH is it worth it. Through this time there is a lot of learning happening and especially for me a lot of self evaluating and self-loving.

So as I step back for a little bit don't be upset if a phone call goes unanswered or a text message gets ignored. Daphne needs some "Me" time.

Always with Love,


Friday, October 5, 2012

Because I feel like it......

Yes, because I felt like writing. Writing to ease this tension, anxiety, frantic sense that has been surrounding me this week. I've been feeling all sorts of ways that I can't explain. Like the feeling of neediness. I told a friend of mine that he's neglecting me and he called me a brat. Maybe I was being a brat, but all I wanted was to hear his voice. (Is that too much to ask?) Anyways, he ended up calling and it was a temporary high that only made me want him physically  there with me. But I digress.

I don't really get too personal on my blog when it comes to relationships and such, but then again I am trying to live a transparent lifestyle, which isn't easy of course. And today I just wanted to write. So whatever comes of this post is meant to be here. Judgement or no judgement. Since October started, I feel like more productivity should be in place for setting up my present as well as my future. Realigning my goals, plans, and seeking His guidance in it all. People this life is not easy, but when you stick it through you come out on top and you look back and smile, rejoice because you see how far you have come.

I am always attempting to be a better me, fighting against my old way, trying to lay foundation for the better things, but it's not easy. Gotta stick it through, be disciplined. My thoughts are all kind of over the place, because that's exactly how they are in my mind. Running rapid and sometimes running into each other.


Sometimes that all I can say, call on Him. There is a peace that falls over me, when I call on the name of Jesus. Strengthening power when He is at the forefront of my thoughts. Aligning together all the things that want to take over my mind, conquering them one by one. Jesus. The calm in the raging storm that wants to take over my body. Jesus. The comforter that caresses my soul when my body deceives me. Jesus. The truth  that holds no judgement of my hypocrisy. Jesus. The love that holds my hands, looks me in my face, and whispers in my ear. Jesus. Oh Jesus. The power within that overcomes the attacks of the enemy, that tries to entrap us every minute of every hour of every day. JESUS. The quiet release of the tension, the fear, the anxiety, the persecution, the loneliness, and the self-destruction. Jesus. The corrector of all my faults, my wrongs, my sins. Jesus. The true lover of my soul.

Many of times I have these epiphany where I have the concrete solution to the problem, but there's like cement on my legs preventing me from acting on the solution. Jesus be the help, be the motivation, be the courage.

As I slowly take deep breaths, close my eyes and surrender. I am nothing. Nothing more then just pure dust collected in form for His Glory. So may the things that I say, and do be reflections of God goodness in me. Sometimes that view is tainted because of our self infliction's BUT GOD.

So friends, do today what yesterday did not produce and what tomorrow we will not find to do.

Love always,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome October


Wow! 2012 has definitely flown by. So much has happened, so much growth, progression, good, bad, some ugly. But you know what, we survived. I'm still working on posting consistently, no but's about it.

As I reflect on this first day of the month about the last nine months and about the next 3 months I'm smiling because this had been a good year for me. I'll keep it at that because there is nothing I can do to change it. So for today, I'll enjoy the now, hope for the best for the future and continue to carry on.

In this month, I do however want to focus on my health. I've been more conscience of my eating habits, tho I haven't fully been committed, but I have been consistent. So I'm going to continue to juice, eat grains, more water, more veggies, and drink tea.

On another note, I really want to get back to knitting and crocheting. I learned it last year before I moved to NY and did some work last winter. So now I'm trying to get back and fast because guess what everyone is getting for Christmas! Yep you guessed it! Scarves! (well hopefully).

Even tho it's just the first of the month, I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love the holidays! Hopefully I'll be able to cook some inspiring dishes catered to these next months.
Well October, welcome to 2012. I wish you well and loads of Blessings.