Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stepping Back

I'm an over-analyzer.

I think things over waaaayyy too much and sometimes I create scenario's in my head of other's responses.

I like things when I want them.

I am fast to respond to inquiries.

I give only what I have, promising you nothing.

I know my worth and value, yet sometimes settle for the right now in this life, just to get that temporary high. I settle for the now, when I know there is so much more out there. Yet, I think to myself, before better was better he had to be good first. Right? No one was ever born GREAT! Work was put in, either by the instructions of our parents or the influences of our environment, but not just straight out the placenta. And yes I understand that we are all on different area's on this path we call life. Some are further then other's while some are in a stand still. All in all, however it is a choice of where we are and how far along we are in this path.

Me personally, I'm just not okay with mediocrity (PERIOD).

So why do I take on incomplete man-boys? I'm trying to learn to stick to my guns and demand theses things such as God-fearing, ambitious, family-oriented, fun loving, etc etc etc, but......

I keep going back to the one that's showing me attention even though  some of the attention is not wanted or necessary. We're so stuck on the "I want's" of this life that we forget to seek and stay steadfast to the Father's Will for our lives. I know I know. It's not easy, but OH is it worth it. Through this time there is a lot of learning happening and especially for me a lot of self evaluating and self-loving.

So as I step back for a little bit don't be upset if a phone call goes unanswered or a text message gets ignored. Daphne needs some "Me" time.

Always with Love,


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