Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome October


Wow! 2012 has definitely flown by. So much has happened, so much growth, progression, good, bad, some ugly. But you know what, we survived. I'm still working on posting consistently, no but's about it.

As I reflect on this first day of the month about the last nine months and about the next 3 months I'm smiling because this had been a good year for me. I'll keep it at that because there is nothing I can do to change it. So for today, I'll enjoy the now, hope for the best for the future and continue to carry on.

In this month, I do however want to focus on my health. I've been more conscience of my eating habits, tho I haven't fully been committed, but I have been consistent. So I'm going to continue to juice, eat grains, more water, more veggies, and drink tea.

On another note, I really want to get back to knitting and crocheting. I learned it last year before I moved to NY and did some work last winter. So now I'm trying to get back and fast because guess what everyone is getting for Christmas! Yep you guessed it! Scarves! (well hopefully).

Even tho it's just the first of the month, I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love the holidays! Hopefully I'll be able to cook some inspiring dishes catered to these next months.
Well October, welcome to 2012. I wish you well and loads of Blessings.

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