Monday, January 28, 2013

In my Head...

Currently, these are the thoughts in my head, things I want to do, accomplish, attain, and simply be. 2013, yes this is my year.


Monday, January 14, 2013


Ahhhh, the beloved Stamp of Approval. As much as we would like to think that we do not need anyone's approval to live our life, we secretly crave for it. Especially in decision making. We seek approval from our peers, our parents, our loved one's and even society in general. Now don't get it twisted, seeking approval does not necessarily mean that you are living for others. Now if you are looking to get approval on every single thing that you do in life, then you may need help. IJS.

Everyone who know's me, know's that I will change my hair in a quick second. It's usually based on how I am feeling or the what the next couple of weeks look like. With the New Year, no longer new anymore, I wanted to make some changes in my life concerning my health and money and such. We all know that weave can become costly and is really a recreational product that we choose to use. So I'm thinking of saving money by not purchasing any weave for the year 2013. I was going to perm it, because I felt like it was the easier to handle as well as up keep with my job and other things in life. But then, of course I want to work out, and I this and that and everything else.

The events of this weekend led me to wear my hair out, which led me to go to the job site wearing my hair out, which led to the approval of my co-workers. Of course after coming home at 2 AM, to find out you can't get into your apt (another post entirely), to having to sleep over your friends house and waking up 3 hours later, you really don't care what you or your hair looks like.

So now it's Monday morning and compliments, thumbs up, and double takes have given me the confidence and energy to feel good about my hair. As human's we may not verbally say we want a compliment, but we secret seek the approval of others. I think it's healthy, because then it helps up to improve and keep doing what we are doing. Especially when the satisfaction of others is present.

Now that I am "out of the NATURAL Hair closet", I will wear my hair proudly and maintain it for healthy growth and progress. Which of course I will keep you posted on.

All in all, God's stamp of approval is the utmost needed and wanted.

**This Message has been approved by the State of Daphne Eugene, all other's can politely kick rocks.**


Thursday, January 10, 2013



According to Merriam-Webster, Grace is:

a: unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification
b: a virtue coming from God
c: a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace

Grace...oh the unmerited favor of grace. The undeserving, given every morning blessings of grace. When I first thought of this post, I wanted to talk about being grateful in the mist of adversity, I am still going to touch on that for a moment, but then I thought about how Grace-filled I am. Every morning I wake up, God has given me a new dose of grace and mercy for the day. He hasn't subtracted because of what happened yesterday nor because of what will happen tomorrow. Like fresh breath in the morning, He is there with grace, showering me, filling my day to the brim. How can I not be thankful, grateful for what He has done.

Since Hurricane Sandy hit, it has put some strain in my work place. There has been some interesting things happening because of the stress that has been placed on us from being displaced from out normal working environment. The past couple of months I have really learned a lot about myself in the corporate world and especially the last couple of weeks. At one point I had to pause and ask God for humbleness because you don't ever want to be prideful in certain situations. When I look back now, God has graced me with His presence sometime I am not even aware, but because of who He is in my life I was able to remain calm in certain situations. Now, I am only human, so I did have moments of frustration and want to snatch someone up, but then I thought, "You know what God, thank you for allowing me this job, not so that I can snatch someone up, but that I can be a better person". It is not easy to work in a place where everyone wants to be the chief and no one wants to be an Indian; No matter how big or small the task is. 

All in all, I am grace-filled. Every morning, God favors me, He has people talking about me considering promotions and other positions  My pastor in TX would say, "Your gift will make room for you, and that you don't have show off anything". So, yes I keep being the person that God has made me to be and He will continue to open these doors for me. 

As we wake up each morning, remember that He didn't have to breathe life back into us, but He did anyway. He didn't have to allow blood to flow through our veins, but He did anyway. He didn't have to allow us to use our hands and feet without assistance, but He did anyway. Get my drift? His grace and mercy and new EVERYDAY. He didn't have to, but He wanted to and for that...I am grace-filled and grateful. We could all be in a different place...But GOD.



Thursday, January 3, 2013

Open Doors {Relationships}


With the New Year at our beck and call, well actually alive and pushing I'm having a blast so far. 2013 was received at my home church with my mom and that oh so awesome Soup Jou mou (Ask about it!) which I still don't know how to make....yet! Any who after church I spent some time with the We're still in the talking phase with an exclusive understanding. We know we want to go further and that this is long term situation.

 I called this post Open Doors because in relationships not only do I believe that men should be gentlemen and open doors, but that there should be open doors so that there is an acceptance of new ideas, truths, and everything else that comes with love. Now that there is a mister in the picture (aww that almost ryhmed...hehehe) and we've both expressed our love for each other, I am really praying for Open Doors, spiritually,  mentally, emotionally and all the other -ally's.I am praying that we are able to seek God's guidance  in each step we take with each other, that God will be the strength that holds us together. Even when we fall, because we will fall, that we are able to get up and walk over and through what it is that tries to block us.

I really want this brewing love between us to not only work, but to prosper, to be be an example to others. I pray, LORD I pray that the things that trouble and bother him be given to you, so that he can find rest and a peace in his spirit. Those things that are not of you and that are blocking you from entering in, may he conscientiously give them up. May your strength overcome our weakness.

[I had an entirely different thought for this post, however sometimes you can't stop the fingers from what the mind is telling it to write]

To my young Queens and Princesses pray for your Love. Ask for an understanding so that confusion nor fear enter into your relationship. Lift him up before the Father and see your words manifest before your eyes.


Ode to 2013

This is for you 2013
While 2012 was quite an adventure
I look forward to the days of 2013
to the nights filled with Worship, sweet words, and love abundantly
to 2013 where the possibilities are endless
and the opportunities never cease to exist
To challenges, to truth, to overcoming
of my down falls
to showing him Christ with love
gentleness, and a sound mind
to expressing deeply how I love him
thru action, and execution
To opening my heart, my mind, my soul
to what God has intended for me
everyday of 2013
Though I am no where near perfect
I aim to get closer to God
striving to walk side by side
in each area of my life
with Him leading the way
and me in the background following dutifully
Trusting with ALL my heart, mind, and soul 
that everything that God has for me will indeed come to fruition
In the past year I prayed for companionship, a friend, a one
one whom God had set aside for me
2013 I pray that my one will open his heart and receive
what it is God has for him, that our relationship
gets deeper and that we can stand firm
on the Rock which is Christ.
to 2013
I will laugh more
maintain stability, become financially free
live each day as if it was my last
however faithfully knowing that my tomorrow
is in the hand of the creator
2013, I pray for an understanding
of my purpose and a strong courage to follow
in HIS Perfect WILL
I pray for an explosion of creativity
and the execution, action, and foot forward
of every idea in my mind
to success in work, life and love
and to the death of over-thinking-analyzing-and creating stories
in my female mind
2013, this is to you
Positive thinking, healthy eating, love & liberation.

May everyday be a resolution to live, love and laugh. May truth flow from us freely and love overwhelm our spirits. I thank God for another day, another year, another moment to do things differently, love freely, and not over think life. He is my creator and knew me before I knew myself. 

Happy New Year fam.