Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ode to 2013

This is for you 2013
While 2012 was quite an adventure
I look forward to the days of 2013
to the nights filled with Worship, sweet words, and love abundantly
to 2013 where the possibilities are endless
and the opportunities never cease to exist
To challenges, to truth, to overcoming
of my down falls
to showing him Christ with love
gentleness, and a sound mind
to expressing deeply how I love him
thru action, and execution
To opening my heart, my mind, my soul
to what God has intended for me
everyday of 2013
Though I am no where near perfect
I aim to get closer to God
striving to walk side by side
in each area of my life
with Him leading the way
and me in the background following dutifully
Trusting with ALL my heart, mind, and soul 
that everything that God has for me will indeed come to fruition
In the past year I prayed for companionship, a friend, a one
one whom God had set aside for me
2013 I pray that my one will open his heart and receive
what it is God has for him, that our relationship
gets deeper and that we can stand firm
on the Rock which is Christ.
to 2013
I will laugh more
maintain stability, become financially free
live each day as if it was my last
however faithfully knowing that my tomorrow
is in the hand of the creator
2013, I pray for an understanding
of my purpose and a strong courage to follow
in HIS Perfect WILL
I pray for an explosion of creativity
and the execution, action, and foot forward
of every idea in my mind
to success in work, life and love
and to the death of over-thinking-analyzing-and creating stories
in my female mind
2013, this is to you
Positive thinking, healthy eating, love & liberation.

May everyday be a resolution to live, love and laugh. May truth flow from us freely and love overwhelm our spirits. I thank God for another day, another year, another moment to do things differently, love freely, and not over think life. He is my creator and knew me before I knew myself. 

Happy New Year fam.

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