Thursday, January 3, 2013

Open Doors {Relationships}


With the New Year at our beck and call, well actually alive and pushing I'm having a blast so far. 2013 was received at my home church with my mom and that oh so awesome Soup Jou mou (Ask about it!) which I still don't know how to make....yet! Any who after church I spent some time with the We're still in the talking phase with an exclusive understanding. We know we want to go further and that this is long term situation.

 I called this post Open Doors because in relationships not only do I believe that men should be gentlemen and open doors, but that there should be open doors so that there is an acceptance of new ideas, truths, and everything else that comes with love. Now that there is a mister in the picture (aww that almost ryhmed...hehehe) and we've both expressed our love for each other, I am really praying for Open Doors, spiritually,  mentally, emotionally and all the other -ally's.I am praying that we are able to seek God's guidance  in each step we take with each other, that God will be the strength that holds us together. Even when we fall, because we will fall, that we are able to get up and walk over and through what it is that tries to block us.

I really want this brewing love between us to not only work, but to prosper, to be be an example to others. I pray, LORD I pray that the things that trouble and bother him be given to you, so that he can find rest and a peace in his spirit. Those things that are not of you and that are blocking you from entering in, may he conscientiously give them up. May your strength overcome our weakness.

[I had an entirely different thought for this post, however sometimes you can't stop the fingers from what the mind is telling it to write]

To my young Queens and Princesses pray for your Love. Ask for an understanding so that confusion nor fear enter into your relationship. Lift him up before the Father and see your words manifest before your eyes.


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