Thursday, August 1, 2013


So on Monday night a friend and I visited Buddakan for dinner. This was my first time going and definitely not my last. A coworker of mine which also is a good friend with impeccable taste for the finer things in life suggested this to me long ago, however this is the first time we tried it. Looking on the outside you would not be able to imagine what the inside looked like. The menu is set up so that you are able to share with the whole table. Thank God it was only us two, so we were able to enjoy it a lot. It was indeed an awesome experience. 

We started with some Scallion Pancakes (pictured above) topped with braised beef and green apple. Can I say deee-licious! Everything was just purrrfect. We also decided to try the Steamed Sea Bass Roll (pictured below which was rolled in cabbage. HELLO SOMEBODY! 

For dinner, I settled on the Roast Duck noodles which also had duck wontons in them. This was my first time trying duck and can I say "QUACK QUACK". The meat was tender and sweet, my friend did not too much did not care for it. If chicken and cow had a love child, this would be it. She also ordered some lemongrass tea, and the above picture is what it came in. I love the authenticity of the whole place.

AHHHH! Remember there is always room for dessert. I ordered the Almond Bread Pudding which was accompanied with bananas, butterscotch sauce and whisky ice cream. This topped off the whole meal. I think I could have just had dessert....just think though.

Oh and while we were heading out, we took a peek at the downstairs dining area and OH-EM-GEE! Can you say GAWGEOUS! Annnd this was the same place that was used to film Sex and The City the movie; Carrie's wedding rehearsal dinner. The above picture is my shot and the below is the one from the movie. How awesome is that!

Overall, I would recommend this anyone. I can't wait to go back so I can enjoy another serving of their Almond Bread Pudding.

Love, Live & EAT.

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