Monday, August 19, 2013

Your Name is Higher, Your Name is Greater {Worship}

So yesterday at church, the worship team ushered us in the presence of the Lord with  this song. The title is "Anchor" by Hillsong and it is on the Glorious Ruins (Live) Album. The lyrics are:

I have this hope 
As an anchor for my soul 
Through every storm 
I will hold to You 

With endless love 
All my fear is swept away 
In everything 
I will trust in You 

There is hope in the promise of the cross 
You gave everything to save the world you love 
And this hope is an anchor to my soul 
Our God will stand 

Unchanging One 
You who was and is to come 
Your promise sure 
You will not let go 

Repeat Chorus 

Your Name is higher 
Your Name is greater 
All my hope is in you

Your word unfailing 
Your promise unshaken 
All my hope is in you 

As we go about our day remember that our hope is in Jesus Christ. Not a job, not a friend, not a guy, not our parents, but Jesus. I know sometimes we get caught up in life and we feel like we have to take on all the stress and worries on our own, but know that God is our Anchor. He alone holds us grounded. No amount of sin, no amount of stress, no amount of worry can shake God. And as Christ as our foundation we too stand unshakable. 

Happy Monday,

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