Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life's a Beach

What better way to spend your Sunday then at the beach!!! Rest & Relaxation were a definite must this weekend. My co-worker invited me to the beach and of course I couldn't say no. It's the BEACH! I know, I know, some of you are wondering where in the heck do you find a beach in NYC. The Jacob Riis Park is located in Rockaway, NY and is a beautiful getaway from the city. It took us about an hour with 2 buses and a train. Not bad right?! 

I am happy that she invited me out, even tho I was ill prepared, but she was totally on it and we made it work! I'm already contemplating when our next trip will be. And this time, I'll prepared for anything! Below are a couple of pictures that I was able to capture of our Beach Day. Enjoy!

I decided, well not really decided, but I wrapper my hair for the beach because well....uhmm I sort of got scissor happy on Friday and snipped away at my hair and so now I'm practically bald on the sides and back of my head. Anywho, the look is still fitting for the beach. 

Capturing the essence of the beach moments in black and white just seem so regal to me, which is why majority of the picture are in B&W. 

My co-worker and I enjoying the sun, cloudless sky and the sand. This was really a much needed day!

I decided to lay out and bask in the sun, which I am probably paying for right now since I didn't bring any sunscreen {insert shame here}. Lol. 

Even though my weekend was better than yours, I hope you had a great one. :-) 

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