Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cropped, Rotated & Posted {Instagram}

Last week I had a blast with my girls posted in the middle. It started with me making monkey bread muffins for my co workers, then I purchases a crap load of ginger for only $2.10 (I LOVE Chinatown, NY), then me and my friend went to a DatenGame adult night where we played Old school games like Uno, Spades, Taboo etc. Oh and look at that view of the Brooklyn bridge, not sure if I will ever get over it, Especially when the sun is rising and stuff. The two screens on the top are of us watching the game at the 40/40 club, which we lost, but Game 7 is definitely going to be epic. Oh and while walking to meet my friend, a bird pooped on me. Folks say it's good luck, so I'll see. Also my roommate birthday was on June 15, and we celebrated by doing Karaoke, which was totally AWESOME!

Hope you enjoy your everyday!


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