Friday, August 31, 2012

#HonestHour w/@AisforAlex

Last night @AisforALex had an #honesthour on twitter and I jumped in midway. The discussion was about what scares you. At the time I didn't have an answer for myself. Not that I'm not afraid of anything, but trusting in God helps put those fears at bay. Yet this morning I thought some more about it and what I came up with was that I am afraid of falling back into my old ways, my old sins. The funny thing is tho, that as soon as I thought that, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I walked away before, yes the verse of how we have all fallen short of the Glory of God can be used here, but I walked away from the drugs, from the sex, from the lies, the hard liq, things that were hurting me and putting distance between the Father and I {Insert Donnie McClurkin song here "We fall down, but we get up"}. There are things that trigger our past to make a reappearance, some times we forget that our eyes are the windows to our soul, so not only the things we see but also listen to, or absorbs, it affects our living. We have to remember to guard our hearts....remembering that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks,so all that we see and hear builds up until we can't contain it anymore. We can also think of the things we watch on TV, or the literature we choose to read, it all enters into our system and pushes us to act. It's funny how the spirit works, all day yesterday I was singing "I'm an overcomer, and I'm more than a conqueror". Yes we are human, and we will have fears, but remember that those fears were once overcome by Jesus. And that we are called to live freely in him. The enemy wants you to wallow in your sin, in your past, he's like a nag, making you think that the Father won't forgive you. But! confess your sins before the Lord and you are forgiven. Not tomorrow, not in five minutes, but the moment you set in your heart that you were wrong, God forgave you.

Overall, don't let the fear of anything hold you captive of being who you are called to be. Lately, my constant prayer has been that I exhaust all the gifts that were given to me from above, before I leave this Earth. I refer back to the Parable of Talents in the Bible, because when Christ returns I wan to be sure that all that He entrusted to me, I have used for His Glory. 

This all from Alex's #honesthour. A beautiful spirt, definitely a fellow right brainer with everyday gifts that she abundantly shares with all of us. I silently admire her drive and the freedom she has. Check her out here at The Good Hair Blog. Also here on Twitter. And here on at her online store ALS. And here on her Tumblr. Oh and if you ever want to have breakfast with her, then check her out here. (Remember silent admirer, lol. I just appreciate Beautiful things)

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