Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Be Still

“Develop my ability to discern your will and energize me to do things that are pleasing to you.”
                                                                                                                              – Jon Walker

In the short span of my morning I have read a couple of articles that for me all had a reoccurring theme of stillness and hearing God’s Voice, doing things that are pleasing to Him.

I tend to have my thoughts all over the place, sometimes when speaking and often times when writing. I just want to get it all out before it’s forgotten. So forgive me now, if along these lines there is no cohesiveness.

I read an article this morning written by Russell Simmons about meditation and clearing the mind. When the mind is clear even if it is for a mere 20 minutes, you are able to set things in order for the day. I think the art of meditation is something that everyone should get into before and after each day. Setting up your day on the right foot leads to success in every facet of that day. Then after it is all said and done, at the end of the day winding down with worship music or literally sitting still for a moment going over the day and emptying out the mind helps you to ease into a more relaxed state of sleep. I am yet to be there, in a place where I can wake up and take 20-minutes to organize my thoughts and thank the creator.  I am one who cherishes sleep. Not that I don’t Thank God for waking me up each morning and giving breath, I just do it while I’m walking to the shower, taking it, getting dressed and running out the door. I do it while I’m walking to the train station and marveling at his wonders as I pass under trees and clear blue skies. I’m just a natural multi-tasker. Anywho, for the next couple of days I am going to TRY and wake up a couple of minutes earlier than usual and try to find peace in the midst of car horns and sirens.

Psalm 46:10 says, ‘Be Still and know that I AM GOD’

Simple?  Obviously for us humans, it’s easier said than done. Being still means that you are whole heartedly placing your trust in God’s hands and definitely HIS timing. As there begins to be a shift in seasons in my life, I am trusting God to show me and tell me (really remind me) of His Will for my life. What it is that He has destined for ME.

So join me and be still for 20 minutes and allow God to wash over His Peace, His Love, His Grace, His Mercy. Him.

It is in the stillness of my universe that God speaks. When my mind is clear from worry of tomorrow, clear from doubt of what people will say, clear from fear of the unknown, and clear from debris that life brings. It is then that He Speaks. 
-Divine Beauty

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