Friday, August 24, 2012

Breaking Chains

I am bound up by the conformity of this world, pairing me with the next curly haired girl with dark skin, plump lips and heavy hips. I am choked up by the co-dependence of independence of the guy hitting on me with his eyes, mind, and night time comprise. Chains shall be broken, that change may take place. Harm, hurt, nor failure be intentions of the everlasting Savior. For chains were broken when He spoke and uttered the words "Let there be light" (Genesis 1:3). - Daphne Eugene

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Lately a lot have been going on, mainly in my work place. I choose to leave the name and company out due to discretion, not like many people read my blog that much any way, YET. People have been coming, people have been leaving. More responsibilities give not much communication, but heavy expectation. Not everyone can deal with change, but many time change also brings growth. With these up and coming new responsibilities that I have slowly evolved into, I fee like chains have been broken. The first link has been shattered to allow me to grow into who God wants and need me to be as part of His Grand design.

  • If we look back at the first book, God broke up; separated land from water, and found it to be good. (Genesis 1:9-10)
  • Farmers dig up; break up soil to plant seeds, in which turns into fruit and vegetables, producing good things.
  • The common phrase coming from women who are at that stage in pregnancy "My water broke", then coming out a baby, a good thing.
  • Lastly, an egg. In any way we put it, boiled, or just broken to be scrambled etc, even the coming out of a chick or any other animal.... brokenness, change, good thing (FOOD) lol. 
So with the changes that are happening all around me, chains are being loosed, barriers and being broken, and seals taken apart. In turn making room for growth and new good things to come. We shouldn't be afraid of change, we should strive to embrace it, accept it, and move freely in it. My pastor in Texas reminds us when it comes to the promises of God, that God does not give us a vision without provision. So may we break the chains of fear, worry, and doubt and move into new territory claiming it as our own!

There's a song by Israel New Breed that I love and it says, "No limits, No boundaries, I see increase, ALL around me, Break Forth...."

Lord I pray for a releasing of your strength to whomever read these words. That they may be empowered to break the chains and accept the breaking in their lives, that we may become new creatures in you. For in you brokenness is good. In Jesus name....Amen.


  1. Thank you for allowing Him to speak to others(myself) through you. I believe we all want God to enlarge our territory. Great post my dear!

  2. Daphne, I love how you listed different ways things are broken, especially the references to God's work. I appreciate the challenge to see change as positive. Keep writing! Hope you'll check out my blog too. God bless you!