Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writing to Write

In the past couple of days, a lot has transpired. Many words said, some out of anger some out of hurt, but nonetheless they were said. I once heard somewhere that hurt people, hurt people (think about it). As much as it sucks, it's true. If all you know is hurt, then that is all you can give out, but what really sucks, is that, that will be all you receive as well. I come from a place of love and that's all I want to ever give out.

My mind has been a whirl wind of my health, about love, about God (I know you hear me Lord :-/), health, my future, goals, dreams, and everything in between. I want to do so much, yet something is holding me back. Not sure what it is, haven't pin pointed it out as of yet. Then I find myself at in a familiar place of waiting. Waiting on what you ask? Love, God, a dream, an opportunity, something. Then that same nagging question of "what do I do while I wait" comes back and haunt me every time.

Replaying the past couple of weeks in my head, I've learned that I can be a firecracker and like thing in the moment I think of them. I am sure I am not the only out there like that, but sometime I forget that and need a constant reminder. I know I can be a nuance to some people, but I use the excuse of because I love them. Love, oh love that awesome feeling you get in that doesn't always make you smile, but should because you are over thinking, over analyzing, over creating situations in your head when all you need to do is CHILL love. Yea, that love.

So, my hope from this day forward is to just chill, relax, and ENJOY life! Like seriously! Lol

Ooohh and stay tuned for some new things coming to the site! I need to start building this enterprise, in Jesus name!


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