Thursday, February 7, 2013

The First Bite: ABC Juice

Apples, Beets, Carrots/Celery

I'm so excited that I am back to juicing!!!! So I purchased a new juicer which I will post about later and this thing is freaking AWESOME! I always enjoyed juicing because it was an alternative to eating or drinking my vegetables. If it was left up to me, beets would never enter my mouth, however pulverizing it thru this fancy juicer of mine, I have absolutely no problem with it. 

Fresh Produce from the market

Washed, cut up and ready to be pulvarized

In goes the apple

The ABC Juice Recipe:

4    Apples
1/8 Beets
4    Carrots
3    Celery Stalks
1/8 Ginger
1/8 Lemon
Bunch of Parsley

1. Wash all fruits and veggies.
2. Snip off ends of carrots and celery
3. Insert into Juicer
4. Enjoy!

I really enjoyed this juice, it just the right amount of sweetness and tartness. MMmmmm YUM.


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