Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The First Bite: Pearl Couscous, Brussels Sprouts & Tilapia

Sunday's Dinner

So I decided to cook dinner Sunday night and lay off the juice/shakes for at least one of my meals. I started buying the frozen packs of Brussels Sprouts from Trader Joes, the Individual frozen packs of tilapia from Target and the pearl couscous from Whole Foods Market. This meal was easy to make and it satisfied my appetite and also my next day lunch meal. 

My seasoning arsenal.

This baby right here, is the business! It should have a warning sign. My Guyanese gal got this from her father's garden. It's a mix of spicy a** peppers that will have your insides turnt up, but it is finger licking good. If you have some type of stock up in your throat or nose, this baby will clear you out! I once used this with oil and we had to clear the house, because it got into our chest and we were coughing up air. (Yes that serious)

The Brussels Sprouts are like any other green veggie, especially if it's frozen, I just throw them in a small sauce pan of water, season them and boil those little suckers away. 

While the Brussels Sprouts are boiling, I seasoned the Tilapia with the spice arsenal and let it sit for a minute so I can start on the couscous.

I purchased this box from Whole Foods and it is pretty simple to follow the directions on the box. I am pretty bad at following directions, but I didn't want to mess this one up.

I went back and checked on the sprouts and drained whatever water was left in the pot. Mmmm they look delicious already. I think Brussels Sprouts have a wrong connotation about them. They are of an acquired taste, but with the right seasoning and loving, they are awesome and healthy!

Burn baby BURN!! Ok, don't burn, just sizzle.

 The trio that turns into dinner.

I decided to add some color to the sprouts. I cut them in half and just placed them in the fish grease for some browning. Yummy!

Couscous, Tilapia, Brussels Sprouts
And VOILA! Dinner is served.

Great Salivating,

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