Friday, July 27, 2012

Taking out the Trash...the lies, hurt, & pain

You're probably wondering why I am sharing my trash with you guys, but wonder no more. The day I took out this trash, I also threw out worry, lies, hurt, pain, insecurities and many other "stuff" in my life that was hindering me from progress. As we mosey along this life, we often times do not realize how much trash we accumulate. Trash from friends, trash from television, trash from society, just in general TRASH and its everywhere. 

When I turned 26, something just clicked. All I kept thinking was that I can't live like this anymore. Living a lie, living in sin, living a way that was unacceptable for me period. If I was unhappy with my life, I can just imagine how God felt about it. And trust me, I was walking around faking the funk. So I looked around, and decided to throw out the trash. This is by far not all of my trash, but little by little I am cleaning up this mess that I created. So in a series of post, I'll be cleaning up, wiping down, dusting off things that have resided in me for far to long. I know I can't do this alone, so with God's wisdom and peace, I'll be sure to clear the unwanted trash. 

When you feel like you are in a funk, or a place that is simply not appealing to you, pause and look around. See if there is anything that you may throw away that can help un-clutter your space. It's really refreshing. 

Divine Beauty

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