Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hey Beauties,

"Anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same kind of life Jesus live. -1John 2:6"

We all know and understand that Jesus is the sinless and perfect son of God, yet the Bible advises us to "live the same life Jesus lived". Some adjectives that describes Christ life are humble, servant, healer, preacher, teacher, loving, kind, giving, and endless amount of other words. How can we walk like Christ?

As I wake up each morning graced with breath in my body, I pray that I won't sin or cause my Father pain....honestly sometimes I don't think I try hard enough. In my opinion sin is so much easier to just fall into, however God holds us at a higher standard. He knows temptation will come, but he gives us the tools and weapons that fight off these temptations. Knowing that "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (flesh), but they are spiritual. Worship:spiritual. Prayer:Spiritual (We must pray how? In spirit and in truth). Another weapon:Praise, others include exaltation, proclamation, fasting. It's fierce out there. Dealing with other personalities, and moods, and their issues, their mistakes, their failures, their lack of sleep, we have to deal with their lack of Starbucks caffeine. But when we use our weapons of prayer, worship, praise their becomes ours in a way. The way of understanding. Christ took all of petty, ignorant, troubles and never did He give us an attitude about it.


Jesus was always talking with God. Taking time away to spend time with the Father. In that way He was clear on what His task was, His purpose on this Earth. There are sooooooo many ways that we can spend time with God, it's crazy how we waste the time we have. Because God is everywhere, He is with us always. We take God where we want Him. He's a gentleman and will not push His way into your life. We can read the Bible, and there should be NO excuse. To why we don't have a Bible. We all have or most of us have computer access via home and especially our phones. And I know there's and app for that! I'm not preaching in no form or way, honestly I'm writing as an outlet. I have a Bible and an app on my Blackberry, and honestly I don't read my Bible (either of then) as I should. I'm a work in progress. But it is available, worship....that right there needs a posts or several of em in it's self. Worship is the purest form of intimacy between us and God.


I know I don't always end Up doing things that Christ does, but 1 thing for sure is that I am determined to chase and try again and again to get closer to Him. Trying harder to do better every chance I get. To know better is to do better. Sometimes I look over my life and feel like a hypocrite, cuz I'll write encouraging texts, status's an tweets. Most of the time though is because I need it as much as the next person. It's not easy, but it is well worth it. I can honestly say that at a time in my life I was on one accord with the Holy Spirit...and I am trying to get back to that. Where God and I would have grand conversations, smile and laugh together....oh what I would give up for life like that again.

My prayer tonight is that the Lord would forgive me, clean me white as snow, clean hands and a pure heart, wash me over and purify 7x70 times. In Jesus Name....Amen.


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