Friday, November 18, 2011

Forever and a Day, a Week, & a Month.....

Yea, Yea, Yea ....I know it's been a loooooooooooonnngg time, but for good reason. I guess. Any who, so much has happened in the past couple of days, weeks, and months. I wish my thoughts were more cohesive and ordered, but in truth they are not. SO...since this IS MY blog, I'll just write. Maybe one day, I'll have some sort of structure.

- So I am no longer considering Law School, at least not for Fall 2012.
- I'm still with the Temp agency, which is fine, cause they find me assignments all the time.
- I still live in NY! #Survivor
- My brother is getting MARRIED (Another post entirely)
- I'm still single and Satisfied
- I've gotten clarity on a relationship

I'm sure there's more updates, of course because I am still breathing. But, somethings I would like to change is the consistency of posting blogs. It's like my mind is this BIG idea room and I'm trying to push them out so that they can become actions....still working on that of course. From now on, I hope to be able to post frequently, especially about things that are going on with me in every aspect of my life. I will not post every single detail, because I believe a person should still have a sense of secrecy that makes people want to discover more. I will however keep you updated on such things like the food I cook, my poetry, my crafts, and anything else I deem ME.

Until next time (hopefully sooner than later)

Kisses...Divine Beauty

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