Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[suh-bat-i-kuh l]

Sabbatical - noun. any extended period of leave from one's customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.

Since I've started this blog, I've been trying to be consistent but honestly maintaining a blog is work in itself. So much has happened that have caused me not to be able to be consistent. In the past couple of months I...

  • Turned 25
  • Graduated with my MBA
  • Resigned from my 2-month job
  • Packed my car and moved to NY
  • Been jobless (for good reason)
  • Drove to DC
  • Spent the past 2 weekends in DC
And in between all of that so much has transpired in my mind, body and soul. So these next 3 months, I'm taking time out for God, Jesus, and I. I've deactivated my Facebook account as well as logged off twitter. During this sabbatical I will be doing my devotion by Rebecca St. James called Pure.

I've already started this devotion, and I've decided to do this, because I am in new territory, and I want to continue what I've learned in TX to continue on a deeper level. When I moved to NY I felt like fresh fish out of water, but I knew that God kept me, and I prayed that he would guide me even through this new journey. Through the devotion I will share some parts of it with weekly words or wisdom. 

During this sabbatical, I hope to get clear instruction from God as to what He would have me to do, say, be, think, etc. I really need Him, to guide me in the way I should go, He's done so much so far and I know He has far greater plans than this for me. Even now as I write this I think to reactivate my fbk, however I'll just do it on month two depending on how everything is going. My goal coming out of this is to be pure in spirit, mind, and soul (body). I really want to be an instrument that God can freely use. 

The three months begins in September-November. Also during those months I will heavily be studying for the LSAT, Knitting, Crocheting, and Bow making, and possibly anything else that would advance me to opening my boutique, as well as my health, and playing in the kitchen. I pray that I will become a better person in HIM. If you are here to take the journey with me, Welcome. My focus and reason behind it all is to really, get-away for a bit in a world where everyone is connected. This time is for me to get fed and not do the feeding. 

With Love...
The Vine

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