Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On this 365th Day...

As I sit here reflecting on 2014, I smile with contentment. I remember all the beautiful things that has happened this year and with all the people I was able to share it with. My Instagram has documented everything that has happened. I started the New Year in New York and ended it across the country in California. In between that time I have received a raise, spent 2 weeks in Miami, coordinated my friends wedding, drove to New Orleans for Essence Fest, quit my job, drove across the country, moved to California, surfed (well, more like saw my life flash before my eyes when the wave attacked, ok it hit the shore and I don't know how to swim) and is currently living one of my many dreams by going to culinary school. Whew! That was a lot! and all that by the Grace of God. It wasn't easy, but it was done and well worth it.

So now as 2015 beckons us to move forward, I am charged to continue to pursue my dreams and live each day to the fullest. Without limits, and conquering fears. Below is 15 things, goals, plans, resolutions, whatever people are calling them these days that I hope to accomplish in the New Year:

1. Learn French

2. Learn Spanish

3. Devotion with God Daily

4. Workout at least 3x a week

5. Learn to swim

6. Blog more consistently

7. Be curious

8. Eat Healthier

9. Do 5 5k's

10. Draft of my cookbook

11. Send out Snail Mail

12. Actively say Thank you

13. Less Social Media

14. Volunteer

15. Be more money conscience

Well good folks of this universe, there you have it. My 2015 "15 List" Feel free to keep me accountable. Above all things on this list, if I don't achieve anything else, I do hope and pray that I get and remain at the feet of Jesus, because honestly without Him none of this is possible.

With love and grace,
Happy New Year.......

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