Thursday, May 31, 2012

Silence: The Golden Child of Wisdom

"I wish you'd shut your mouths—
   silence is your only claim to wisdom." -Job 13:5

As the events have unrolled from the weekend, I have been slighty quiet and behind the scenes. Just communicating with family about the matter, making sure that they are ok and have the strength needed for the day. I've also have been reading comments on the matter as well. The more I read, the harder I laugh and sometimes get upset. It's just funny how ignorance have taken a hold of this world. How they allow the news reports to screw with their minds. I get upset because they act as if it can't happen to them, or they use stereotypes, and they point the finger judging. What if the shoe was on the other foot? Ever think about what if it was your family?

So I stay silent. Silently praying. Silently getting strength. Silent and still.

Remaining silent does not mean that you are weak, matter of fact, its a sign of strength, because there is a refusal to bend down to that level. Take heed, as each day goes by; pay attention to the signs. Remain in continuouos prayer as the time is indeed near. I am in no way perfect, each day I wake up Thanking God for the gift of the day. Instead of tearing each other down, why not pray? Be wise about what you say, because it is a reflection of who you truly are.

Much Love,

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