Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The More iSeek You

After scrolling through my phone's music playlist, I fell upon this song, I'm sure not by happenstance. Anywho, I've been meditating on this song and it has really spoken to me. I've gone beyond just listening to the lyrics to praying the lyrics and imagining the lyrics. So I'll delve into it with you as I dissect this song and what I see when I hear/sing/pray it.

The more i seek you  [The more I worship, read your word, seek you face, become intimate]
the more i find you.  [through the small joys of being healthy, happy, fulfilled.]


drink from the cup in your hand [health, prosperity, long life...the clear seeping liquid that only carries everlasting life, love, hope, and truth]

hear your heart beat [the serene thump, rhythm, rhyme of the light that guides each step of my life, predestined for me]   
This love is so deep [deeper than the level of the Earth's core, so deep I lose my breath and float in your presence]

I melt in your peace, it's overwhelming [You handle all my battles small, big and extra large...I remain in awe of you as you continously overcome battles with you love...I'm not worthy Lord, but you come through all the time, how can I not lift my hand up in Praise, and bow down in worship?]

it's more than I can stand [so deep i give up, I give in, I give out everything that is possible me]
Lay back against you and breath [as I exhale my troubles, I inhale His depth, His love, His peace]

I wanna sit at your feet [lay down all my problems, issues, secrets, to dwell in you presence]
The more i find you,  [through your daily blessings of open doors, and endless love]the more I love you  [with my servitude, my praise, spending time with you]

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