Monday, March 4, 2013

Go HaRD!

Go Hard or Go Home! It's been a motto for a while now. I link it to fitness to keep me motivated. Above is my Pinterest Board for my fitness motivation. This year unlike every other year, I am determined to lose not just a few pounds but to totally make over my body. I really want to engage myself in reintroducing myself to myself (If you get what I mean). Along with truly finding and following through with my passion, health and fitness is just one of the top priorities on my list of things to get control of. Below is MY list of why I want to transform my body from what it is now to what it will become.

  • To wear a two piece bikini or a cut out one-piece\
  • To get my belly pierced (again)
  • To have something I never had (a six pack)
  • To get that V in my pelvic area
  • Overall to be Healthy
  • To run 5K's, Half-marathons, and maybe a Marathon
The list definitely goes on and on, and perhaps may change. I think I would like to see how small I can go then perhaps tone and bulk up from there. 

The body is simply an amazing creation. Of course we can thank God for that, after all we are all created in His image and He only creates Masterpieces. Now while I am on this not so easy but oh so worth it journey, I know I will hear plenty of those people that will say "Oh your weight is fine", "That's too much weight to lose" "You won't look right". And all the while I will turn deaf ears upon them and just keep climbing.

We were destined to be and do great things, so why limit myself to what fat cells try and restrain me of? Taking it one day at a time, one fruit, one vegetable, and one pound at time, I will see you guys on the beach in my two piece. I do not have anything detailed as of what my regimen will be as of yet, but do know that it will include lots of exercise and clean eating. Everyday is a new day and a new challenge; and challenges can only be met if we face them.

Go Hard!

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